Boutique of the Week: Jenny Boston


When it comes to the very best of showstopper accessories, vibrant handbags and fashionable apparel, Jenny Boston has every Fashionsita covered. Located in the heart of trendy downtown Fairfield, CT, this chic boutique is a staple to the neighborhood’s unique charm. Jenny Boston’s interior design is completely cute and chic, clad in light pink walls, color-coordinated displays and elegant black chandeliers. When I stopped at the store last weekend, my eyes were in for a stylish treat. New displays showcase Fairfield Beach sweatshirts and bright summer apparel with matching accessories.



I left the store with many fashionable pieces, perfect for ringing in summer with style. My Jenny Boston shopping bags were filled with a navy blue jumpsuit, hot pink one-shoulder maxi dress, a white sundress (with yellow baubles and a yellow scarf, of course), and some jewels to complete my new ensembles. From that one-of-a-kind jumpsuit to cute sundresses and maxis, Jenny is your go-to gal! Jenny Boston truly has the perfect look for any occasion and the hottest trends of every season. While I was there, I talked to my good friend and Sales Manager of Jenny Boston, Lisa Gach, to discuss what defines this statement boutique.


Name: Lisa Gach

Role: Sales Manager / runs the Fairfield store


Lexx: What do you think defines Jenny Boston?

Lisa Gach: Luxury items at affordable prices. We also use color-coordinated displays so you find things much easier for your wardrobe.

Lexx: What are your plans at Jenny Boston for summer as far as styles, colors and fashion trends?

LG: For summer, it’s all about color; oranges, red, bright pinks and turquoise. Maxi dresses and skirts; tunics for summer can be worn as cover-ups, and some tops for going out at night.

Lexx: Tell me a bit about your Wednesday night shopping sales and any other promotions that you offer.

LG: The Facebook Wednesday night sale is basically our hot new items that may only be available through that online sale (although we do get some of the items in our stores). October will be two years now that we have been doing this sale; it started with 4,000 followers, and we now have 35,244 followers…so I would say it’s a hit! We also do in-store charity fundraisers, where we host the party and they bring wine and snacks. We give a percentage of the sales to a charity of your choice, starting at 15%, and up to 25% depending on the sales.

Learn More: To find the very best trends and unique styles of every season, visit Jenny Boston, located at 1300 U.S. 1 in Fairfield, CT.

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista.

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