BEARPAW = a Comfy & Fun Fashion Statement!

For those casual, relaxed summer outfits…think BEARPAW.  I absolutely love everything about my Jacinta sandals.  They add a feminine twist to my very laid-back ensemble.  The sleek style looks completely chic and is ever-so-comfy!  This summer footwear works perfectly with a casual look, and they are also spectacular paired with a bohemian-style maxi dress or short, flirty sundress.  Jacinta sandals even look great with cuffed-up boyfriend jeans, a halter top and chunky belt.

BEARPAW totally rocks…check out all of their fabulous styles!

Dress your best,




Jacinta sandals: Compliments of BEARPAW

High-waisted denim shorts & plaid shirt: Urban Outfitters

White ruffled halter top: Macy’s

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