Summer Staple: Olive Oil

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Olive oil is a staple ingredient for a variety of summertime recipes, so let Cobram Estate help you make this season a strictly savory one.
  • Cobram Estate’s Premiere Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate introduces a zesty flair to the term Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Not only does Cobram Estate’s Premiere taste sensational with many different pairings, it is completely delicate and smooth…with a delicious fruity hint.  Olive oil comes in a plethora of unique textures, aromas, flavors and shades.  This ‘medium style blend’ and versatile oil has a distinct aroma of fresh green grass.  It brings together delicious hints of green apples with medium bitterness and ‘late pungency.’  This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is notorious for deliciously improving herb and tomato based saucesused in authentic pasta dishes.  It also pairs great when drizzled over a refreshing salad or on a summer mix of roasted veggies.

  • Cobram Estate’s Robust Flavor Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is particularly bold, taking on a spicy scent and assertive taste.  Cobram Estate’s Robust Flavor Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extremely delicious and rich, best savored when drizzled over vegetables or pasta dishes.  It also makes a delectable marinade, and adds great flavor to hearty stews or casseroles.  You’ll certainly impress the family when blending this Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a tomato-based sauce for your next pasta dinner.
  • Classic Flavor

Some cooks like to stay true to tradition.  This olive oil classic has a lusciously creamy aftertaste and a temperate bitterness.  It is a stunning combination of green bananas, fresh grass hints and tomatoes.   Whether you use Cobram’s fruity Classic Flavor for dipping with crispy Italian breadsautéing or grilling, the results will surely please your palate.

One of Joonbug’s favorite recipes to prepare with Cobram Estate’s Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fluffy Orange Cake.  This is the perfect dessert to make for an outdoor barbecue, or simply to treat yourself to for a fun summertime snack (complemented with a cup of tea, of course).  Ian Curley’s Olive Oil And Polenta Cake with Ricotta Mousse, prepared with Reserve Hojiblanca Extra Virgin is also divinely sinful!  Another favorite is the Fig, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola with Basil Oil Pie, prepared with Cobram’s Classic Olive Oil.  Whichever flavor you want to accompany your next summery meal, Cobram Estate has you covered with a delicious variety of olive oil.


Check out Cobram Estate’s website to view their olive oil collection.  Click here to view their mouthwatering recipes.

“At Cobram Estate, we’re all about celebrating life, family, friends, good food and good health.”

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