Summer Play…with BEARPAW





Summer is a time to frolic…and play with BEARPAW!  Experiment and have fun with your outfits this season.  Casual plans call for unique, untraditional fashion statements.  Moccasins are a refreshing alternative to casual footwear.  My Scarlet moccasins featured in black are perfect with casual dresses, skirts, shorts and boyfriend jeans.  They add a stylish twist, and are awesome to rock to many summertime activities.  In my case, skateboarding around town.

“Life life comfortably”…check out BEARPAW today.

Dress your best,


Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.35.54 PM


Moccasins: Compliments of BEARPAW

Outfit: Urban Outfitters

Skateboard: BFF Derek

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