Boutique of the Week: La Moda

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This chic boutique in downtown Fairfield stimulates the art of discovering one’s self. Its exclusive, unique styles can always be counted on for a perfectly classy look. La Moda completely represents all of the latest and greatest trends of the season, putting a major emphasis on each and every shopper’s individuality. Fashion is a perfect expression of yourself and a chance to step out of the box; La Moda works with every shopper to achieve this.


It is critical for Fashionistas to keep in the back of their minds that fashion is certainly a two-way relationship. The fashion definitely has to love you as much as you love it. Do not pick something off the rack just because it is the popular, current trend. Also, have fun and put your own twist on the trend. Don’t go for the obvious, but instead choose a fun color/design and the perfect accessories to make your ensemble pop. La Moda helps every Fashionista feel comfortable, cool and confident in the clothes they choose, while looking fabulously chic in the process!



When it comes to boho purses, savvy hats, stylish leather belts, adorable ballet flats, classy pants and so much more, La Moda has every Fashionista’s desires covered. This boutique carries many elite brands, from Big Buddha to James Jeans. It’s time to let your distinct personality shine with fun styles and designs. Start expressing yourself with high quality, stylish clothing at La Moda today.

Name: Mary Scasino

Role: Founder and Owner of La Moda


Who is your target audience?

Mary Scasino: A consumer that wants to encourage her individual style. A boutique consumer, I feel, is more artistic; her inner self is important to expose to the world. Mostly, that is done by our expression of how we adorn ourselves. In a world moving so fast around us, it is important to move to our own groove! 

What are the key things you feel every Fashionista should consider when shopping?

MS: Every Fashionista should be in touch with what makes her style her own… comfort, color, fabric and pattern/lack of pattern. We pick out our clothing for style/design, fit/comfort, self-expression and function, i.e., do I like this this? Does it fit properly? Can I afford this? To me, a Fashionista is more about individuality, than trending. Even the word “Fashionista” is overused. Let’s be real, just because someone is in on the trend, doesn’t mean you want to copy the look.

Favorite looks, colors, pieces and trends this season?

MS: My favorite look this season is wide-leg pants. I think they take over where the long dresses left off last summer. Also, I love jumpsuits. They are flattering on mostly everyone.  Where someone couldn’t do a romper last year, this year the long romper can go on most people.

Learn More: To find chic trends and cutting-edge styles, visit La Moda, located at 1434 Post Rd. in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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