Instant Cupcakes…From a Spray Can

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We’ve all heard of the sinfully delicious ‘Microwave Mug Cake,’ or ‘5-minute cake’…but what about Spray Cake?  This cake-batter-in-a-can fad is taking instant cake to an entire new level.  When you’re in the mood for a freshly baked cupcake…expect it ASAP.  An innovative way to prepare cupcakes and cakes by simply adding heat, Spray Cake utilizes ‘on-demand organic’ batter in an aerosolized can.


When using Spray Cake, your cupcakes will be popping out of the oven in less than a minute.  And as far as freshness goes, this instant batter stays fresh for weeks (so you can splurge whenever you’d like)!

Two Harvard undergrads, John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski, are the talented masterminds behind Spray Cake.  According to an article in The Boston Globe, the unique idea was rooted in McCallum’s final project for his Science & Cooking class.  Nowakowski, who saw the potential in the experiment, assisted McCallum in perfecting the recipe.  As far as taste, they already got the approval from Owner and Pastry Chef of the Flour bakeries, Joanne Chang.  The dynamic duo is currently in the process of patenting Spray Cake.

spray cake

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