Critical Thinking for the Cover-up Sitch

The most critical summer vacation staples every Fashionista should have packed in her suitcase are a variety of trendy cover-ups.  Pick out several chic options to wear over your bikinis.  Whether it’s going on your morning coffee run, looking savvy for your day at the beach, or taking summery pictures, it is a crucial fashion statement to dress your best…and look effortlessly beachy!

These white beach pants from Macy’s are trendy and cool for the beach, and pair perfectly with a big sun hat.  I am all set for a day soaking up the sun.

I also styled an oversized white scarf to serve as a sarong with my navy blue bikini.  I rocked it with a white crochet headband.  Don’t ever get hooked up on rules.  You don’t have to work an item exactly how it’s meant to be.  Be creative and go with your unique instinct…as I did with an oversized scarf.

When it comes to beach cover-ups…think critically and stylishly.  After all, they are your “daytime” outfits at the shore!





Beach pants: Macy’s

Black bathing suit: Ralph Lauren

Navy blue bathing suit: French Connection

Oversized scarf: Target

Sun hat: Forever 21

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