Every Chic & Edgy Look Commands a Harley. A FoxyLux Harley, that is

For that perfectly chic and edgy look, check out this spectacular Harley Dress by FoxyLux.  This statement piece is available in both black and white.  It is just the right look for a girl’s night out.  The stretch fabric conforms to every body, complementing curves in all the right places.  Quilted leather details, trendy bold zippers and snaps add to the overall “wow” factor.

As we all know, nothing “wow” has been spotted on someone else first…so shop FoxyLux today!

Dress your best,


Harley Dress: Compliments of FoxyLux





Harley dress: Compliments of FoxyLux

Bike: Harley Davidson

Ankle-strapped pumps: Charlotte Russe

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