LIQS: Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Shot Hybrid

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Calling all Massachusetts dwellers gearing up for a party weekend…today is seriously your lucky day. LIQS Cocktail Shot is the world’s first prime ‘ready-to-go Cocktail Shot’ brand, and it’s making an epic debut in Massachusetts this month!

After two years of improving the flavor profiles and inventing the drink’s creative packaging, Founders Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer first launched LIQS Cocktail Shots in Florida.  The brand is now breaking into its second market, Massachusetts, and will be extending to Texas in the near future.

Courtesy of Regan Communications
Courtesy of Regan Communications

Bauer stated, “The sophisticated drinker is no longer satisfied with low-grade spirits and artificial ingredients.”  LIQS is introducing an entire new exciting phenomenon to the alcohol market.  Bid farewell to the days of shaking up mixed drinks for your guests, because this luscious, portable “cocktail shot” hybrid will confidently take on the spotlight.  These portable cocktail shots integrate superb flavors (as detected in classic cocktails) with top-notch spirits, creating a fun take on tradition.  And the best part?  These vibrant colored shots are low calorie and have absolutely no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Courtesy of Regan Communications
Courtesy of Regan Communications

LIQS Cocktail Shots offer an assortment of four all-natural flavors: Tequila · Cinnamon · Orange, a seductive combination of sweet and spicy (55 proof; 120 calories); Vodka · Cucumber · Lime, a cool and citrus fusion (45 proof; 90 calories); Vodka · Kamikaze, excellent citrus infusion complemented with a hint of natural vanilla (45 proof; 100 calories); andVodka · Lychee · Grapefruit, citrus grapefruit mixed with the lychee’s sweetness creates an incredible flavor (45 proof; 90 calories).

LIQS plans to offer these fun cocktail shot hybrids in over 100 liquor stores throughout Massachusetts.  The shots will be offered in single flavor “three-packs,” priced at $7.99 each.

Have an awesome cocktail shot experience with the one and only, LIQS!

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