Four Ways to Strut Your Plaid this Fall

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One of the trendiest go-to prints sheds its timeless perfection on each fall season: plaid. Whether you’re rocking it casually to class, or adding a chic twist to your plaid on girl’s night out, don’t be afraid to add your unique flair and show this print some loving!

I have come up with four ways to strut your plaid this season…so be prepared to make a fashion statement, ladies.

1. The classic flannel. Everyone loves a trendy flannel shirt. Its stylish versatility is limitless. Whichever way you decide to sport your plaid flannel, have fun with it and think outside the box. Some ideas to get the creativity flowing:

  • It can be rocked oversized to class with a fitted vest, leggings, boots, leg warmers and a vibrant colored beanie.
  • Sometimes, think of your plaid shirt as an accessory. Tie it around your waist with boyfriend jeans, a casual tank top, distressed baseball cap, Vans and hoop earrings.
  • Work it with open-toed booties, leather leggings, a crop top and fedora…this look certainly won’t disappoint.
  • Another classic style is tucking your flannel into a flared leather skirt, paired with black tights, heeled booties and a whimsical headband. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry!

2. Tie a plaid scarf around your purse. Adding extra spice to an ensemble makes all the difference. Tying a scarf onto your purse will give any outfit that extra “wow” factor. A long plaid scarf tied in a bow around one of the purse’s handles declares confidence, super savvy and sophisticated. Even better…find a plaid purse and base your entire outfit around it! Sometimes, fashionable collegiates have to splurge.


3. The schoolgirl fad makes a savvy comeback. The plaid schoolgirl skirt is paving its way back into the fashion world. Take your pick from plaid mini skirts with zipper embellishments, pencil skirts and flared skirts like the original schoolgirl look. Worn with a fitted turtleneck, tights and high suede boots, this look is absolutely hot. Plaid mini dresses and jumpers are a fun switch-up to your typical dress. Printed garments make the whole outfit pop, especially when paired with knee-high socks and a floppy hat.


4. A plaid headband always commands attention. Whether you find a plaid sheer scarf to tie as a boho head wrap, or a thick plaid headband with a bow, work it confidently! Plaid headbands look great when paired with a long-sleeved black crop top and dark denim jeans; or with a leather jacket, fitted dress, cable knit tights and booties.

We are simply mad about plaid this fall. Seek it out and strut it!


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