Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season

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This season calls for something savory and luscious, and Joonbug has two prominent solutions for you: Santa Cristina and Tormaresca.  Complement each meal with a glass (or two) of vino, and your palate will certainly not be disappointed!  Start this season off right with two elite leaders in the wine industry.

Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina’s Rosso 2010 has an impeccably gorgeous ruby red color, perfected with purple hues.  Upon opening the wine, you will enjoy dynamic aromas of red raspberry and cherry.  These balanced, silky flavors grace the palate with an extensive fruity flair.  The Rosso 2010 contains 13% alcohol.

With its beloved origin rooted in Toscana IGT, Santa Cristina made its first debut as a Chianti Classico in 1946 by Piero Antinori’s father, Niccolò.  Although along with the passing of the 1984 DOCG laws, lower vineyard yield requirements were put into effect.  The grapes used to create Chianti Classico reached a point that required more aging than this fruity, harmonious wine should consist of in order to retain its originality.  With the 1987 vintage came change; Santa Cristina stemmed away from the Chianti Classico classification.  And with the 1994 vintage, 10% Merlot was incorporated into the blend to contribute delicate, open hints of fruit to the wines.

If you browse through Santa Cristina’s online cookbook, you will find scrumptious recipes to savor for each season, moods, and typology.  Whether you’re ‘on the beach,’ or planning a romantic dinner ‘by candlelight’ with that special someone, Santa Cristina has your occasion and palate completely covered with a savory preparation.  This season, Santa Cristina spotlights pumpkin soup with fettuntamezze maniche with duck sauce, and many more savory delights paired with the perfect wine to plan your meal.


“Leading Puglia’s Wine Renaissance”

Obtaining its name from Puglia’s antique seaside towers, Tormaresca means just that: “tower by the sea.”  Tormaresca was created to unveil Puglia’s flavorful wines to the world.  Before then, the wine industry certainly didn’t know what it was missing!  Each and every bottle of Tormaresca wine is passionately crafted with ‘100% estate-grown fruit.’  With 625+ years of skillful winemaking experience behind them, the Antinori family’s intense love and dedication to originality is apparent with every sip of Tormaresca wine.

The Tormaresca 2012 Neprica takes on a luscious ruby red color, embracing its enticing aroma of plums, black cherries, red berry fruits and violets.  If your palate desires a tasty red vino, this is definitely the one to enjoy with your meal.  The Neprica is comprised from grapes from both of the Tormaresca estate’s properties: Bocca di Lupo (located in Castel del Monte) and Masseria Maime (located in a gorgeous area of Salento).

The Tormaresca Chardonnay 2013 assumes a straw yellow color with vibrant highlights of green.  On the ‘nose,’ this vino gives off a citrus fruit and floral aroma, with tinges of sage and dried herbs.  This Chardonnay is simply refreshing on the palate, with a top-notch harmony of fruit and minerals.  Like the 2012 Neprica, the Chardonnay 2013 is also made from grapes from both of the Tormaresca estates.  Eighty percent of this vintage’s grapes originate from the Masseria Maime Estate, while the remainder of grapes are rooted in the Bocca di Lupo Estate.

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