Trending now…the Coconut Oil Craze

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Serving as the latest trendiest fad in such a health-conscious society, coconut oil can be found everywhere. From adding it to your smoothie, to lathering it on your skin as a moisturizer, coconut oil’s versatility is boundless. Add it to a cup of tea to assuage a sore throat, or combine it with chia seeds to satisfy your all-day energy fix.

Leader in the Health Food Market. Today, coconut oil truly defines the health food market…and we seriously cannot get enough of it! This beloved oil can be used as a savory alternative to butter, and it tastes delicious when spread onto warm baked goods (that need some coconut to complement their lives). Earth Balance has a crunchy coconut & peanut spread, and Jackson’s Honest Chips are dishing out a tasty selection of chips – from mango chili lime to sweet potato – made with coconut oil, of course. Even mayonnaise (yes, mayonnaise) had to get in on the action. Wilderness Family Naturals produces the very best…even in lemon dill flavor!

Oil Pulling. The traditional remedy of oil pulling has come back to life as a hot trend. Use coconut oil as a mouthwash and you will see incredible results. Your teeth will be whiter, your breath will reach its ultimate freshness and your oral health will skyrocket (reducing destructive bacteria). The regimen includes a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth, then keeping it in there for 20 minutes, swishing it around.  Afterwards it is important to spit the toxic glob in the trash as it is bad enough to clog drains! Brush your teeth before continuing with your day.

Beauty Queen. Coconut oil has confidently paved its way into the beauty market as well, becoming a prominent figure. Rich in proteins and Vitamin E, it smoothens, nourishes and protects skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Use it as a lip gel to moisturize and rejuvenate those cracks from harsh weather. Can’t find a makeup remover that’s the right one for you? No worries, because coconut oil has you covered with that too…no more worrying about chemicals being in contact with your skin.

How to use coconut oil on your skin? In cooler climates, the oil will appear solid in the jar; in warmer environments, the coconut oil comes in the form of a liquid. Apply coconut oil to the skin after you have taken a warm, relaxing bath or shower. From various sources, it is encouraged to place a small amount of coconut oil in your palm. Massage the coconut oil onto the desired part of your body. Do not over apply; only a small portion is needed to yield amazing results. It is recommended to use one to two tablespoons depending on the size of the area of skin you are rubbing the oil onto. Too much can leave your skin looking oily and greasy…and we don’t want that!

The question is, how do you like your coconut oil? And for now, on with the craze…

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