Chic Ways to Style your Scarf

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Change up the way you rock your scarves this season.  Every stylish gal is all too familiar with the infinity style and wrapping a scarf around her neck.  Although these are traditional, easy ways to spice up a leather or denim jacket, this fashionable season calls for much more!

With a variety of unique ways to style this simple fabric accessory, it’s time to switch it up and make a fresh savvy fashion statement.  I have listed a few trendy ways to dress up your scarf’s personality, adding a fun flair to any ensemble.  First off, don’t forget to pick out a vibrant, whimsical scarf.  Whether you’re headed to class, out for errands, or meeting up with the ladies for lunch, your scarf commands attention…so give it the respect it deserves!

1. Looking Boho Chic in a Head Wrap: This look completely redefines savvy and trendy.  You can wear your hair piled up in the back with your head wrap, with loose strands hanging out, or let those luscious locks flow down your shoulders.  Style your head wrap with distressed skinny jeans, suede heel booties, an oversized t-shirt and leather vest, and you are ready to hit the streets!  Another look that is completely classy is pairing your head wrap with a big pair of sunglasses, a turtleneck, pea coat, black skinny pants, pumps and leather gloves.  As pictured, this head wrap is also loosely draped around the model’s neck, in addition to her head.


2. Belt it up: Many women underestimate the power of a bold, statement belt.  A belt is such a prominent accessory, adding that perfect finishing touch to the entire look…sometimes making the entire outfit.  Tie your scarf around a long sweater, dress, skirt or coat to introduce that extra “wow” factor to your ensemble.  Tie it in a bow, or let it drape down the side in a knot.  You can aim for a classy and sophisticate look, or go for whimsical fun!


3. Sophisticated Polish with a Neck Scarf: The neck scarf is a perfect option to dress up any basic, neutral ensemble.  Pick out a scarf that has exuberant colors or a unique design.  Source a thinner, shorter scarf for this look.  Wrap it around your neck, and you can tie it in a tiny bow, or let it drape.  This look screams sophistication, and polishes off any ensemble – from a button-down Oxford shirt, to a turtleneck or V-neck sweater.


4. Treat your Scarf as a Headband: A scarf can make a divine headband, too!  This particular way to style a scarf is simply fun for any occasion.  The right scarf looks glamorous and ever so chic when tied to the side, draping over your shoulder.  This look also requires a shorter, thinner scarf that can be folded over.


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