Soybu: Radiate Confidence & Beauty Inside and Out

‘Tis the holiday season for fresh resolutions…and chic new fashion finds!

Trendy active fashion apparel line, Soybu, is my latest obsession. Designed for the “Everywoman,” Soybu draws its roots from the ‘health-conscious’ state of Colorado. Deriving inspiration from the Chinese peace symbol, Soybu’s logo is truly uplifting. The brand encourages the Everywoman to be in harmony with her body: “comfortable, confident & free from judgment.”

Life is certainly unpredictable, and Soybu’s creators embody this throughout their spectacular apparel. Soybu makes transitioning through your day easy, fun and effortlessly savvy. From grabbing a morning latte and running errands, to heading to yoga or cycling class, Soybu has you stylishly and comfortably prepared to take on the day. Radiate strength, balance and beauty for any occasion or affair in Soybu.

Each and every garment is perfected to make the Everywoman feel incredible and confident, spotlighting her inner and outer beauty. Soybu’s polyester is made from recycled bottles, which involves far less energy than other techniques. What’s even more amazing? All of these bottles used to make polyester are kept out of landfills. One pair of Soybu pants equals 20 bottles, and one tank top is equivalent to 12 bottles.

I am rocking Soybu’s black City Leggings, Transition Tank and Quinn Jacket. This ensemble is super sleek and stylish for any plan. I dressed it up with suede pumps, a matching scarf and felt hat. You can also work this versatile, timeless look with ballet flats, cutout gloves and a beanie; Keds and a baseball cap; or with tall leather boots, leather gloves and cute earmuffs.

Shop Soybu today for your Everywoman, everyday look!

Dress your best,


City Legging, Transition Tank and Quinn Jacket: Compliments of Soybu

Photographed by Nicole Rosa Photography


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