The Ultimate Boyfriend Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for splurging on gingerbread lattes, having your ‘holiday hits’ playlist on repeat, cozying up by the fireplace and snuggling with your significant other. It is certainly the most wonderful time of the year, from the festive décor to sneaking kisses with your special someone under the mistletoe.

From decorating the Christmas tree to attending trendy holiday bashes and cocktail receptions, our December calendars become quickly booked up. But within our busy schedules, this marvelous holiday season certainly commands the merriest attention…most especially when planning your holiday gift purchases!

For many of us ladies, it’s our boyfriend who we have the most trouble picking out the perfect present for. We want to keep our gift cute and fun, yet creative and different from the previous year. When plaid flannels and pea coats scream, “boring,” what is a gal to do? Do not fret, because I have every lady prepared with the ultimate gift guide to select from for her boyfriend.

  1. For the Car Fanatic:

If there’s something that many men love just as much as their sexy lady, it’s their passion for cars. If he has a sick car of his own (and happens to have good quality pictures of it), Shutterfly is a great website to have a picture blown up on a canvas, made into a poster or designed on an iPhone case. You can frame the poster for his apartment or dorm room.

Another great present for the car fanatic boyfriends is Thompson Speedway’s Exotic Car Experience. Your boyfriend will have the epic opportunity to test drive an exotic automobile (or multiple cars, depending on the package) around the course. This experience is definitely one of a kind and so much fun, as the driver gets to pick from a Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550, Mercedes SLS AMG and my personal favorite, the sleek Nissan GT-R.


  1. For the Beer Connoisseur / Beer Pong Lover:

Customize a beer pong set for your man…it will truly show everyone at the party who commands the pong table. This gift is legendary, and we know that legends are created at the beer pong table.

Beer Pong

  1. For the Winter Athlete:

Jones Snowboard’s Mountain Surfer is an awesome gift for the boyfriend who loves winter sports. He can rip up his backyard hill or the trails in backcountry powder. The exclusive new board is designed to take on any size hill or mountain. The Mountain Surfer spotlights ‘contoured binding hooks,’ which are located at the outside edges of the typical riding stance. This board is great for both the novice and expert!

Mountain Surfer

  1. For the Skateboarder Bro

I found awesome, funky recycled skateboard furniture on Etsy…perfect for the boyfriend who loves to skate! He can use a recycled skateboard bench it at his desk, or for décor in his room. Take your pick from Etsy’s selection of a recycled skateboard coffee table, bench, chair, or stool. The perfect cute gift for your cute guy!


  1. Take Making Out to an Entire New Level:

This cool “But Seriously Let’s Make Out” pillow can be customized and ordered on Etsy…need I say more?

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.18.54 PM

  1. For the Top Chef:

If your man always loves to whip up something delicious, and navigating around the kitchen is second nature to him, this is the prime gift. Sign you and your boyfriend up for a fun couple’s cooking class at a local kitchen store or restaurant…he will totally love it!

Another option for the foodie boyfriend who is also a sports fan…order him a delivery of a Half Dozen Sports Strawberries. They are absolutely delicious, and decked out in sporty chocolate designs.

sports strawberries

  1. For the Tech-Savvy Boyfriend:

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home is a remote control for everything all in one in your home. It works with over 270,000 remote control entertainment products…truly the cherry topping to making your boyfriend the king of his man cave.


  1. For the Tool Nut:

You seriously cannot separate a man from his tools when he’s working on his car. If your boyfriend does not have a tool box already, this is the prime present for him. And if he’s looking to update his tools (drops the hint slyly in conversation), Sears has an awesome selection of portable chests that you can make chock full with a shiny new wrench set. Tie it with a red bow, and you’re set to go!

“Take your tools for a spin”: If your man likes to be handy around his apartment/house, the TrakBelt360 is a great option for his present. The TrakBelt360 allows him to carry his tools and equipment around his waist. He can also spin the belt around for quick access of the next tool he needs.


  1. Relive your Love Story

Customize your love story in a book, so you can relive the romance over and over. LoveBook Online allows you to design your custom gift book cover to cover, whether you decide to tell your story through your favorite pictures of you and your boyfriend, or get creative and write the story on your own! LoveBook prints your book, binds it and ships it to you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.20.02 PM

  1. For the Cigar Lover:

The Cigar of the Month Club is a fun gift for a boyfriend who is passionate about his cigars. The membership encompasses five hand-rolled, premium cigars that are delivered each month from the world’s elite producers, in addition to a monthly newsletter, which includes tasting notes, manufacturer histories, cigar profiles and recommended alcohol pairings.


Make the holiday spectacular for your man with this holiday guide. There is truly something for everyone at every price point. Have a merry one!!

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