Motives Cosmetics: A Must-Have for your Daily Routine

A staple of being a trendy young professional is finding a go-to makeup line…one that looks natural. Ring in the New Year with a crucial resolution: making your skin and a healthy, natural new look top priority.

My newest obsession is Motives Cosmetics. From the hottest smoky eye shadows, to vibrant lips and luscious, voluminous mascaras, Motives has every look, occasion and taste covered with the perfect color palette and whimsical hues to accompany. What I love about Motives is that they truly care about their customers, not only selling their beauty products, but making sure that they are applied to yield their upmost, top-notch results. Motives has a variety of tutorials online on how to use their products, in addition to a “Learn” section on their website, which showcases Meet Your Match, Get the Look and Skincare Analysis. Throughout this article, you can shop my look.

* Eyes:

I am a big fan of rocking the smoky eye, and Motives has a great tutorial to create an unparalleled, sexy look. When I am going out at night, I usually incorporate a darker eye palette, complete with eyeliner, eye glitter and bright lips; during the day I typically keep my makeup simple, sporting natural earth tones with pink blush and mascara. I absolutely love my Motives® Mavens Element eye shadow palette, which includes eight gorgeous eye shadows. The palette will instantly become your best friend, featuring neutral shades. Highlight and fill your eyelids with the softer, lighter colors in the palette and use the deeper shades for lining the outer rims of your eyelids. You can work the palette to design a bold look, or go for a more natural, soft creation.

The design of the case is sleek and compact, perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse. Motives® Mavens Element is truly the perfect companion for any woman. Mix and match colors, transitioning from your workday into evening plans. Get ready in front of your makeup mirror in the morning…or create beautiful eyes on the go! The option is conveniently yours.

With New Year’s Eve coming up, I wanted to give a shout out to a favorite Motives product of mine, which completely dresses up and glamorizes any ensemble. Motives® Glitter Pots come in a variety of colors, from whimsical Jewel Pink and Plum Fairy (purple), to Diamond (silvery), Ignite (black), and more. This glitter makeup can be used on your eyes and anywhere on your body. It is the perfect finishing touch to any smoky eye, making your eyes totally pop. Make a fun design on your eyes using Motives® Glitter Adhesive to apply the glitter, and you are all set for a night out with the girlfriends.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.45.25 PM

* Eyebrows:

Eyebrow kits are the entire fad today…so join in on the hottest trend! Motives® Essential Brow Kit is a staple for emphasizing those sexy brows to their fullest potential. The must-have kit includes one wax and two powders for shaping, grooming and defining those statement facial hairs. First, sculpt the eyebrows with the wax, and then create your look with the two powders.

* Lipstick:

Lipstick is the fun finishing touch to any ensemble…and I am a major lipstick fanatic. A day without lipstick is certainly not complete. Whether you want to try a bright, vibrant shade, or go with a more natural gloss, Motives has a lipstick, lip shine, lip balm, and lip liner for every gal in need of a bit of color in her life. Every woman should have at least one or two lipsticks in her purse, for day and night. I have a variety of shades in my makeup bag; depending on what color outfit I am rocking. I love my Motives® for La La Mineral Lipstick in Beso. It pairs perfectly with a fur vest, cuffed jeans, clutch purse and coordinating pumps.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.03.38 PM

* Mascara:

Mascara is my all-time favorite makeup product. If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only choose one makeup product, mascara would be the winner. During the summer I usually only wear mascara and a bit of light lipstick, creating a very natural look…and that is all you need. I am a firm believer that mascara is every woman’s BEST FRIEND, emphasizing how it takes those lashes from drab, to absolutely fabulous. As any best friend should do, they bring out the best version of you. Motives carries a variety of mascaras, depending on what you would like to emphasize. There is Motives® for La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara, which gives those lashes intensity and extra volume/curl; Motives® Lustrafy High-Definition Mascara, which comes in both Onyx and Midnight Blue; and more. I really like the color and bold definition it adds to my lashes. I definitely recommend it!

* Skincare:

Your skin is at its prime when you are in your early 20’s – so don’t take it for granted or skimp on the caring, rejuvenation process. The chemicals you put on your skin now place a major impact on how your skin will age and present itself in later years. It’s time to start pampering your skin and find the products that are right for you, from foundation and concealers to skincare cleansers, toners, masks and more. Motives Cosmetics carries an amazing line of skincare products, including a variety of cleansers for de-aging, deep cleansing emulsion and exfoliating. If you are looking for blemish and acne care Motives has you covered with a great Timeless Prescription 3 Step Acne Care System.

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