Seduce your Palate with Olma Caviar

Delight your palate at Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar.  Located in the prestigious Plaza Food Hall inside The Plaza Hotel, Olma is a prime luxury spot to seduce your taste buds with the finest selection of black & red caviar…paired with champagne, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.30.11 PM

Based in Brooklyn, New York, this elite caviar producer was founded in 2001.  Dozens of types of Olma’s black and red caviars are imported from overseas and Alaska.  From lavish, juicy sweet Salmon Red Caviar, to profoundly nutty tasting Hackleback Caviar and more, Olma certainly offers a luxurious selection of this delicacy to guests.

The venue’s menu takes opulence to an entirely new level.  Let’s call it a wrap with Olma’s Red Caviar in blini wrap appetizer ($19.00), prepared with three Russian blini wrap and salmon red caviar.  Strictly tempting your foodie senses, the Caviar Tasting Dish($80) highlights a complete Olma Caviar selection on cocktail blinis.  The sandwiches are most certainly divine treats, including Prosciutto ($10.99), made with prosciutto, pesto sauce, tomatoes and cucumber.  TheBlack Caviar Open Face sandwich ($17.99) is surely a show stealer, spotlighting Hackleback Black Caviar and butter.  Your meal would not be complete without a glass of wine or champagne, or beer/fun cocktail to accompany.

Treat your palate to top-notch Russian and international food customs and extravagances…right at The Plaza Food Hall.  Olma also makes Manhattan deliveries.  Check them out today!

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