50 Shades of Valentines

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Valentine’s Day: Saturday, February 14th marks a fun, stressful, sexy, hated AND beloved holiday depending on whose calendar you are viewing. It’s a day of many shades of emotions. Some of us plan a romantic outing with that special person; a bouquet of roses, candlelit dinner and perhaps champagne. Others pencil in strictly pampering, romance movies, or chocolate therapy (assorted Godiva, in a heart-shaped box, of course). For the lovers and soloists who choose to stay in the luxury of a warm bubble bath, 50 Shades of Grey Wine serves as the most sensual date.


While many of us question whether this “Hallmark driven holiday” is completely overrated and cheesy, the rest of us roll with it, embracing and divulging in many pleasures the holiday brings; whether it is chocolate covered strawberries, a couples massage, or lust lathered in edible chocolate body paint.

In speaking with a well-rounded group of guys and ladies, covering the full spectrum of relationships (complicated, happy, simply disastrous, talking stage, questionable and beautiful) or single, I have come up with a palette of…

50 Shades of Valentines:

I was extremely dazzled and really excited to hear how thoughtful, genuine and plain old sweet and similar many of the responses were from both guys and gals. It proves that old fashioned romance is alive and well…

“V Day is a great day to show your special someone just how much you care for them, but it’s not just for your special someone; it’s for anyone you love. Mom, Grandma, sister, or even your friends.” – From Him

Awe!! And how about…

“Expensive but worth it when you’re with the one you love.” – From Him

“Love is special. It’s not always easy to celebrate our love and dedication to a relationship with our busy schedules. V Day is a special day dedicated to our special someone.” – From Him

“Doing something both people enjoy doing, and doing it together.” – From Him

Most guys and girls agree on chocolate, romance, wine, flowers, gifts, love, “I love you,” fun plans…but THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and not just on this holiday. “It sucks when you’re single, but a great concept if you’re in a relationship or in love.” – From Her.


Dessert, anyone? This lady’s craving something that involves lace and her hunny for the final course…

“Investing in a little something red and lacy for dessert is crucial.” – From Her

“Hmmm…V Day…A day to spend time with the person you love and do a bunch of romantic activities, or a day to buy chocolates for yourself and eat the whole box. Haha.” – From Him

Some guys and gals just find it, well…

“Where lust meets must.” – From Him

“I never really celebrated even when in a relationship. It always felt so cheesy and Hallmark-ish” – From Her

“The best way to get to know someone is with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. Commiserate over a common bond – lack of a significant male partner.” – From Him

“It’s like religion – If you like it and take part in it, cool, good for you.” – From Him

“There’s so much pressure to do something special when it’s clearly forced.” – From Him

“It’s a big pet peeve, when single people whine about how they don’t need anyone, or that it’s a corporate manufactured holiday; or when people in relationships tell you that you should find someone and not be alone.” – From Him

“Finding love is like buying new shoes. Sometimes, people go after the good-looking ones but they end up choosing the one they feel comfortable with.” – From Him

“It’s my third favorite February holiday behind Groundhog’s day and President’s day.” – From Him


And specifically from the ladies…

“I view V Day as Singles Awareness Day and an excuse for me to eat chocolate.” – From Her

“Nothing like comfort food on V Day. Whether you are sharing it with a special someone or your best girlfriends, there’s no better bonding time than indulging in a cheeseburger and beer.” – From Her

“I love V Day because I get to meet so many other eligible bachelors out there who aren’t on dates. It’s also the one time of the year that my mom sends me Baked by Melissa cupcakes.” – From Her

“As a single, I despise the holiday. I have to admit, I can’t wait to be in a real relationship (so tired of hookups that lead nowhere). I will definitely be a V Day kind of gal. Until then, I think not.” – From Her

“Can’t wait to find my Prince Charming. Where are all of them?? I want flowers and candy, but more importantly, I want loyalty, romance, maturity and commitment. WHERE. ARE. YOU. BABES. HIDING.” – From Her

“Not going to lie, I want to barf at my couple friends on this holiday. It’s not their fault; I’d be doing the same mushy thing if I were them. Haha.” – From Her


There you go, my interviewees nailed at least 50 Shades of Valentines:

champagne ❤ façade ❤ materialistic ❤ pressure ❤ romance ❤ cheesy ❤ overrated ❤ sensual ❤ dreamy ❤ luxurious ❤ BARF ❤ it sucks ❤ Hallmark-ish ❤ affection ❤ happy ❤ appreciate ❤ caring ❤ sweets ❤ wine ❤ single ❤ sexy ❤ taken ❤ true ❤ passionate ❤ love ❤ special ❤ stressful ❤ candlelight ❤ indulge ❤ Baci ❤ lust ❤ must ❤ eligible bachelors ❤ Prince Charming ❤ bubble bath ❤ gifts ❤ red and lacy ❤ dessert ❤ cupcakes ❤ date night ❤ sweetheart ❤ chocolates ❤ splurge ❤ pinot noir ❤ relationships ❤ expensive ❤ roses ❤ strawberries ❤ surprises ❤ mushy ❤

Whether you are feeling romantic, cheesy, overrated, sensual, or luxurious, it is crystal clear that Valentine’s Day comes in many shades. You’ve heard it from Lexx in the City, 50 Shades of Valentines!

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