You’ve Probably Been Holding Wine Glasses Wrong This Whole Time

If you’re a passionate wine aficionado like myself, the only way to get drunk is wine drunk, amiright?

Vino is life, and drinking it is an art.

Confession: The last time I went shopping, I saw a super chic set of stemless wine glasses and totally lost it. I just HAD to buy them.

When it comes down to it, I think we can always count on our gal chardonnay to get the party started, and rosé makes gossip night with the girl squad so much better.

Don’t even get me started on sangria.

I’ve always considered my incredible feelings toward vino mutual.

But apparently, a ton of people have been fooled.

Metro reports you’ve probably been holding your wine glass wrong this whole time.

Um wait, WTF?

According to wine expert Anthony Giglio from Food & Wine, your hand should never, and I mean NEVER, touch the body of your glass.

There’s a rod of glass between the base and the bowl of a wine glass for several reasons, and the absolute most important of those is to keep your 98.6-degree hand away from your properly chilled wine.


If you put your hand on the glass’s body, you’ll be sipping warm wine, which sounds super non-refreshing.

Here’s what you have to do: Put that hand on the glass’ stem; don’t freaking move it and drink up!

So, about those trendy stemless glasses I just bought though…

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