15 Beautiful Airbnbs Around The World You Can Actually Afford To Stay In

If you find yourself daydreaming out the window, desperately longing for a vacation, now’s the prime time to quench that thirst.

Let’s get one thing straight: When your wanderlust is calling, it’s difficult to quiet that tempting little voice inside your head. It NEEDS to be satisfied, and you freaking deserve it.

Ah, do yourself a favor, and round up the squad to get on their planning A-game ASAP.

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner… which translates to prime travel season. If that’s not a good enough excuse to get on booking your getaway right now, I don’t know what is.

And, if your wallet is crying out for help at the thought of you taking it on a trip, do not fret in the least bit.

Here are some of the cheapest Airbnb rentals throughout the globe, you’ll actually want to book your next vacation to.

1. Lavish stone villa with unparalleled view of  Kissamos Bay in Chania, Kriti, Greece — $55 per night.

room with stone walls bed with canopy and candles lighting it up

2. Charming stone apartment by the sea in Parikia, Greece — $88 per night.

apartment family room loft with couch, small kitchen

3. Tower house overlooking the beach in Frangokastello, Crete, Greece — $66 per night.

tower house with patio, trees surrounding it blue sky

4. Boat docked in Barcelona, Spain — $66 per night.

back deck of a boat overlooking harbor with tiny table and chairs sunny day

5. Bamboo cottage in the rice fields of Bali, Indonesia — $67 per night.

bamboo cottage with tiny table and two pillows by it surrounded by palm trees and grass

6. Gorgeous countryside trullo in Ostuni, Italy — $99 per night.

stone house with patio and vines hanging down with canopy sunny day in italy

7. Whimsical glass-walled “cabana floripa” in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil — $79 per night.

inside treehouse colorful walls glass and kitchen with high top table and fridge

8. Serene cottage, complete with a garden and pool, in Biscayne Park, Florida — $85 per night.

backyard pool cottage greenery surrounding it on sunny day

9. Shabby chic barn loft in Fayetteville, West Virginia — $85 per night

lights hanging from ceiling above cozy bed and table in barn loft shabby chic

10. Stunning villa complete with a pool and breathtaking views in Veyrier-du-Lac, Rhone-Alpes, France — $66 per night.

pool in front of house with big glass windows and mountains behind it sunny day

11. Igloo by the sea in Trinity Beach, QLD, Australia — $69 per night.

split image one of igloo exterior on grass the other of the interior kitchen area and colorful couch across from it

12. Luxury room with impeccable roof terrace in Palermo, Sicilia, Italy — $55 per night.

split image one of rooftop terrace overlooking buildings and mountains, the other of living room with couch, table and chairs

13. Romantic “white home” in Palermo, Sicily, Italy — $71 per night.

split image one of patio rooftop with candles and little table, the other of interior of house with stairs, plants, TV and kitchen area

14. One-bedroom flat in Budapest, Hungary — £44 per night.

one bedroom apartment with bed, couch, kitchen and rug

15. Trendy flat in Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland — £33 per night.

split image one of bedroom with small bed, window and brick walls, the other of a leaning mirror against brick wall

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