14 New Things You Can Do When You’re Bored As F*ck At Home & Ran Out Of Ideas

Staying in is the new going out, right? But alas, there’s only so much reality TV you can binge-watch and kettles of hot tea you can spill with your best friends. Plus, you’ve officially explored all angles of your standing mirror for your cropped-sweatshirt-and-sweatpants OOTDs. So, what else can you do at home when you’re bored?

You could always pour yourself a goblet of wine and soak in the bubble bath with a juicy page-turner. (That never disappoints.) But, once you’ve officially exhausted everything on your list and are in dire need of some non-cliché inspo, here’s the scoop.

1. Create an indoor tent for a wine and cheese carpet picnic. If you’re feeling real fancy, craft a charcuterie board with honey, cheese, and all the fixins.

2. Mix, shake, and stir things up with a cocktail making class. Follow your favorite tutorials, and if someone in your group is a mixology master, even better. Trendy bar setup? Necessary.

3. Order a few wigs in different colors and snap some ~artsy~ selfies without dying your hair.

4. Find your favorite photo of you and your partner or your sweet fur baby. Order it in a custom puzzle. (I did this one for my boyfriend and he loved it!) Have fun putting it together, together. Later on, you can glue it down, frame it, and hang it.

5. Have a virtual karaoke party with your friends.

6. Host a virtual toga party (because everybody has sheets, amiright).

7. Have a fashion show with your pup. You can team up, depending on how many people there are, or go it solo. Everyone can choose a silly or chic outfit for your fur baby to slay on the carpet runway. Then, cast votes to decide who came up with the best new look in puppy couture.

8. Slice, slice baby: Get a little cheesy with a pizza making competition. Grab all the ingredients for a custom pie that’ll steal a pizza everyone’s hearts.

9. Plan a fun scavenger hunt around your space (and yard, if you have one).

10. Choose one of your all-time favorite family recipes and try your hand at it with your boo. Have them bring their favorite recipe, too.

11. Make some whimsy floral arrangements to brighten up your space. Grab an assortment of vases — big and small — and head out to your garden to clip some blooms.

12. Have a murder mystery party with your roomies or family. Organize one of your own or download an app that does all the planning for you. Mrs. Peacock with the knife in the ballroom? TBD.

13. Swap out your same old dinner for a themed one. ’80s night? Great Gatsby? Christmas in the summer? Harry Potter? The possibilities are endless.

14. Have a summer bash. Even if it’s not quite summer yet, this is still so appropriate. Piña coladas, crazy loop straws, sunnies, and pool floats are all on the guest list to your backyard or apartment.

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