16 Little, But Super Sweet Things You Can Surprise Your Partner With RN, Just Because

Little gestures may be, well, little in the literal sense, but their impact can be anything but small — especially when they catch you off guard. Whether your romance is newly blossoming, or you’ve been with your partner for a while now, keeping things fresh should never be out of the question. So, when you want to make your person’s day extra special, or put a smile on their face, just because, this list is here to help you accomplish (and totally crush) both.

1. Make them a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers from your garden.

2. Create a playlist that’ll upgrade their at-home workout routine.

3. Take the initiative & plan a virtual date date night with your best couple friends.

4. Surprise them with a pint of their fave ice cream from a local business that’s open.

5. Bring them breakfast in bed, just because. Pancakes and a mimosa (or three)? Hell yes.

6. Recreate their fave vacay you guys took together, at home. Make a meal and cocktails that are specific to that destination, and watch a movie that took place there.

7. Grab your apron and surprise them with a homemade sweet treat.

8. Fold down their side of the bed and put a sweet note on their pillow at night.

9. Sign them up for an Airbnb Online Experience they’ve had their eye on.

10. Blow up some pool floats, whip up a fruity cocktail mix, & have a day club-esque party in your backyard, just the two of you.

11. Nothing beats a sunset picnic on the beach, complete with a bottle of merlot and your number one person.

12. Show genuine interest in and help them with one of their home projects.

13. Create an indoor tent setup for a wine & cheese picnic. If you’re feeling real fancy, go all out with a charcuterie board.

14. Surprise them with a fun cocktail at happy hour o’clock.

15. For something different, plan a little scavenger hunt around your place and into your backyard.

16. Bring them their early morning caffeine fix, along with a biscotti and a sweet note, when their day’s off to a busy start.

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