Why Girls Gossip…and What They Gossip About

Click here to view my published article on HerCampus. There are countless reasons why girls gossip.  The no-nonsense truth is because most girls just can’t help themselves.  Females love and crave it and simply cannot get enough of it…good or bad.  It has the capability to destroy friendships, ruin reputations and drive us mad, but at the same time,Continue reading “Why Girls Gossip…and What They Gossip About”

21 Things To Do Before 21…Or Soon After

Click here to view my published article on HerCampus. Wow, time flies. Most of my best friends and I are turning or will soon be turning 21 this year. We will be graduating college and moving on to “real life” soon. How crazy is that? Reality is just around the corner. What is a collegietteContinue reading “21 Things To Do Before 21…Or Soon After”

Betch, Please!

Click here to view my article on HerCampus.com. While visiting and catching up with lots of girlfriends, friends of friends, family, and extended fam (young and not-so-young) over break, one general subject came up repeatedly during our chatting.  As a result of this specific topic of conversation, I have concluded that girls will always haveContinue reading “Betch, Please!”