The Secret Scoop on Starbucks

Click here to view my published article on There is one powerful motivator that gets all trendy workers, students, and city-goers through each busy week…and that is our almighty Starbucks.  Like Gossip Girl’s Blair and Serena, the city-gal and her Starbucks are inseparable BFFs.  When entering our beloved coffee haven, we feel completely relaxed andContinue reading “The Secret Scoop on Starbucks”

Betch, Please!

Click here to view my article on While visiting and catching up with lots of girlfriends, friends of friends, family, and extended fam (young and not-so-young) over break, one general subject came up repeatedly during our chatting.  As a result of this specific topic of conversation, I have concluded that girls will always haveContinue reading “Betch, Please!”