Thirst Juice Co. Opens TODAY!

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Awesome juice bar, Thirst Juice Co. paves its way into the heart and soul of downtown Boston.  Opening its doors today in Downtown Crossing, this trendy new hot spot will certainly cause a welcomed frenzy in such a health-conscious city.  I don’t know about you…but I cannot waitContinue reading “Thirst Juice Co. Opens TODAY!”

Labor Day Weekend in Beantown

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with my awesome Boston roundup.  From sampling the finest beers in town at Mass Brewers Guild Fest, to commemorating a national breakfast staple, bacon, at Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, this weekend will be packed with fun events.  Gear up, Beantown! * Mass Brewers FestContinue reading “Labor Day Weekend in Beantown”

Instant Cupcakes…From a Spray Can

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. We’ve all heard of the sinfully delicious ‘Microwave Mug Cake,’ or ‘5-minute cake’…but what about Spray Cake?  This cake-batter-in-a-can fad is taking instant cake to an entire new level.  When you’re in the mood for a freshly baked cupcake…expect it ASAP.  An innovative way to prepare cupcakesContinue reading “Instant Cupcakes…From a Spray Can”

Outdoor Patio Time in the Bean

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. It’s that amazing time of year when the city comes full circle.  Everyone is out and about, colorful flower boxes begin to sprout, sailboats make their way along the Charles and every city-goer has a refreshing Starbucks Frappuccino in their hand, accompanied by a chic pairContinue reading “Outdoor Patio Time in the Bean”

Legendary Mixologist Alex Kratena at The Langham, Boston

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. 2012 was a memorable year for London’s very own world-esteemed mixologist Alex Kratena, as he was bestowed the proud title of “International Bartender of the Year.” The evening of Tuesday, April 1st (commencing at 7pm) will be an extraordinary date for Bostonians, as Kratena will beContinue reading “Legendary Mixologist Alex Kratena at The Langham, Boston”

To Boston’s Guardian Angels, We Love You

Click here to view my published article on HerCampus. Yesterday, in the heart of our beloved city, a horrible catastrophe struck our community. All Bostonians are with great sadness mourning the loss of two very courageous men. The fire in the Back Bay yesterday that took the lives of Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy and LieutenantContinue reading “To Boston’s Guardian Angels, We Love You”