Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Monday, September 29th marks a notorious date on every urbanite and suburbanite’s calendar: National Coffee Day!!  With all of the sips of coffee taken throughout the world each day, this amazingly delicious fuel we run on deserves some love and appreciation.  What better way to celebrate this holidayContinue reading “Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza”

A Spectacular Fourth <3

Wishing all a spectacular Fourth…rain or shine! Vanilla Bean Yogurt Pancakes: Made by Dad, Styled by Lex, Savored by Everyone ❤

Coffee Bean it up in Beantown

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Coffee: it’s what fuels most city-goers and gets them through the day.  When a hot cup of coffee meets your lips in the morning, it’s truly liquid heaven.  Many of us are dedicated Starbuckians or Dunkin Donuts diehards.  A regular morning coffee joint is a dailyContinue reading “Coffee Bean it up in Beantown”

Caffe Vittoria: Home to “Boston’s best cappuccino and cannoli”

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Located in the heart of Boston’s charming North End neighborhood, this lively dessert joint is notorious for being “the first Italian cafe in Boston.”  And ever since 1929 its beautiful tradition continues to flourish and brighten up Hanover Street today. Caffe Vittoria’s exterior is surrounded by aContinue reading “Caffe Vittoria: Home to “Boston’s best cappuccino and cannoli””

A Vanilla Blonde Roast with a pump of Raspberry is always a good idea. Stay warm!