Hippie Chic

Dressing up is always fun…especially when you find a funky outfit like this Hippie Chic look.  I have always been big on dressing to suit your mood.  If it feels right, do it.  Be confident in your decision, and don’t feel as though you have to dress like the rest.  Obviously a formal event isContinue reading “Hippie Chic”

The Most Delicious Croissant in all of Firenze…

It has been a dream of mine to scope out the most delectable croissant in Firenze.  And boy oh boy have I found the mouthwateringly unique winner!  Before my Italian cooking class today at Apicius International School of Hospitality, I stopped into the charming bakery right next to my building, craving a hot espresso.  TheContinue reading “The Most Delicious Croissant in all of Firenze…”