Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Monday, September 29th marks a notorious date on every urbanite and suburbanite’s calendar: National Coffee Day!!  With all of the sips of coffee taken throughout the world each day, this amazingly delicious fuel we run on deserves some love and appreciation.  What better way to celebrate this holidayContinue reading “Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza”

Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. This season calls for something savory and luscious, and Joonbug has two prominent solutions for you: Santa Cristina and Tormaresca.  Complement each meal with a glass (or two) of vino, and your palate will certainly not be disappointed!  Start this season off right with two elite leaders in theContinue reading “Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Ribollita

Click here to view this scrumptious recipe on the Santa Cristina site. This delectable Tuscan recipe is prepared specifically to warm hearts throughout the winter season. It is the epitome of a mouthwatering, comforting dish to be prepared on the coldest of cold afternoons. Ribollita is a hearty winter soup comprised of a tasty varietyContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Ribollita”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Salted Codfish with Chickpea Sauce

Click here to view this delicious recipe on the Santa Cristina site. For over centuries Italian kitchen tables throughout the Tuscan region take on an entire new meaning each and every Friday… the customary “day of the fish.” This cod recipe is a traditional scrumptious and healthy Tuscan dish that is perfect for following theContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Salted Codfish with Chickpea Sauce”

“Life is like a camera…Focus on what’s important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, And if things don’t work out, Take another shot.” – Unknown

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Looking Luscious in Cranberry

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. While in the midst of the cool season and wardrobes consisting of warm charcoals, heathers and chocolate browns, this Fashionista certainly has an eye for her accent color. She made this dark colored ensemble totally pop with the addition of luscious cranberry. High leg warmers areContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Looking Luscious in Cranberry”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Spaghetti Carrettiera

Click here to view this Italian staple recipe on the Santa Cristina site. This classic and extremely delectable pasta dish is a traditional preparation originating in eastern Sicily. It is a staple recipe that would be found in any true Italian household’s cookbook. Simplicity at its finest, Spaghetti Carrettiera is a quick dish that canContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Spaghetti Carrettiera”

Studying Abroad: Do’s and Don’ts

Click here to view my published article on HerCampus.com. One of the best decisions I have made in my entire life was to study abroad in college.  If there is any possibility for you to do it, I promise you that it will be the most enriching, awesome opportunity you will possibly experience during yourContinue reading “Studying Abroad: Do’s and Don’ts”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Ossobuco (veal shank)

Click here to view this mouthwatering recipe on the Santa Cristina site. The delicious Ossobuco (veal shank) is a trademark dish in every traditional Italian kitchen and restaurant. Though the recipe itself varies throughout Italy, this particular delectable preparation is more associated with Northern Italian roots – Ossobuco alla Milanese (a quintessential recipe of MilaneseContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Ossobuco (veal shank)”