FOODIE GEMS: For Sweet Tooths

Please enjoy the latest copy of Blending, FUA’s monthly newsletter. I will be writing my own section, “Foodie Gems,” featuring the most delicious treats and unique, scrumptious finds in the city. Buona leggere! This month’s column features Foodie Gems: For Sweet Tooths… Click here to view the full October-November 2013 Blending Issue.

Sweet Seduction: La Milkeria

I am irrevocably hooked on a sweetly seducing phenomenon.  It is located on a quaint cobblestone street of Firenze.  From this venue’s bright and trendy interior to its unique variety of sugary delicacies, what is not to love about this charming Firenze phenomenon?  The sweet seduction goes by one name, and one name only: La Milkeria.Continue reading “Sweet Seduction: La Milkeria”