Autumn…Comfy, Natural & Uninhibited just like BEARPAW

BEARPAW’S Leigh Anne boots command fun attention this fall. They are simple and comfortable, yet effortlessly fashionable when paired with an oversized flannel shirt and leggings. This ensemble screams fall playfulness, perfect for any autumn outing. The two-tone Hickory-chocolate color is striking against the fall foliage, adding a chic twist to any wardrobe. The boot’sContinue reading “Autumn…Comfy, Natural & Uninhibited just like BEARPAW”

“We always knew Santa was a mustang fan. Who needs 8 reindeer when you can have 8 cylinders?”

“We always knew Santa was a mustang fan. Who needs 8 reindeer when you can have 8 cylinders?”…Okay mine’s six, but a girl can dream on Christmas! Believe in the magic of the season…Happy Holidays ❤

Bracing yourself for winter…with style

After living abroad since August, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” truly presents a whole new meaning to me.  Leaving behind milder weather and more of a heavy fall wardrobe in Florence, a snowy winter wonderland welcomed me back to the states with a vengeance. It is critical to brace for the realContinue reading “Bracing yourself for winter…with style”


Click here to view my published article on Living in Firenze for almost three months to date, I have become accustomed to the splendid Italian traditions that this antique city beholds. Italians always dress very stylish, and there is one extremely popular product/material to have down pat and in your closet. On the stylishContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Luscious Leather”