The Ultimate Boyfriend Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for splurging on gingerbread lattes, having your ‘holiday hits’ playlist on repeat, cozying up by the fireplace and snuggling with your significant other. It is certainly the most wonderful time of the year, from the festive décor to sneaking kisses with your special someone under the mistletoe. From decorating the Christmas treeContinue reading “The Ultimate Boyfriend Gift Guide”

Looking Fly…Retro Jordans

This Fashionisto is looking fine for the warmer weather in a clean cut and casual style. Spring is in the air and this Fashionisto is surely embracing it. A crisp buttoned down shirt is always a perfect chic option for day or night. We completely love the timeless, classy fit and look of Ralph Lauren. Sneakers mustContinue reading “Looking Fly…Retro Jordans”

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. As this Fashionista works her chic ensemble on the cobblestone sidewalks of Boston, she is perfectly prepared to arrive fashionably late to class…pun most certainly and chicly intended! Everything about this Fashionista’s city-savvy ensemble shows off her unique and confident style, catching many eyes along her path. FromContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class”

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. This Fashionista wears her letters with pride and confidence on Suffolk’s charming Temple Street. She is perfectly prepared for mostly any Greek life event, in this case, tabling for her sorority’s spring recruitment at the campus’s bustling “Winter Involvement Fair.” The periwinkle shirt could not beContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life”

The New “I Do”

Click here to view my published article on HerCampus. It was always fun, and although we did not know it at the time, simply scandalous to be proposed to as a little kid on the playground…boys had cooties, right? Regardless, cooties or no cooties, the dress up box would be sprawled open with strands of pearls, long glovesContinue reading “The New “I Do””

Boston’s Very Own Frost Ice Bar

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Come relax on freshly carved ice couches while sipping a frosty Cider-Berry Splash.  Boston’s very own (and New England’s “only”) indoor Ice Bar is the new craze in town. So put on your gloves and trendy wool sweaters.  It’s time to enjoy the exclusive coolness…getting the party started down atContinue reading “Boston’s Very Own Frost Ice Bar”

“A cup of tea makes everything better” …Happy snow day ❄️

Give Me Qi: Life Force and Natural Energy

Click here to view my published article on With hectic days filled with internships, classes, jobs, and that morning ritual caramel macchiato run squeezed into our city-savvy schedules, every collegiate is on overload.  In the midst of the coldest season of the year, it is easy to feel negative with a major case ofContinue reading “Give Me Qi: Life Force and Natural Energy”