Luna Sur Brings Latin Roots to Midtown

Joonbug link: Luna Sur Brings Latin Roots to Midtown. Midtown has a hot and spicy commodity, and her name is Luna.  With Latin American cultural roots presented through unique cuisine, tasty cocktails, and stylishly dressed servers, everyone wants to  be spotted with this socialite. When you step into Luna Sur Latin Bistro, you will absorb a plethora ofContinue reading “Luna Sur Brings Latin Roots to Midtown”

Luna Sur Latin Bistro

I had the awesome opportunity to check out the trendy Luna Sur this evening in Midtown.  A big thank you for the invite and absolutely amazing dinner + dessert…so excited to feature you in my next article!  But for now, a little taste of my experience at the lovely Luna: Fish Tacos Ricos prepared on softContinue reading “Luna Sur Latin Bistro”