Where’s the “Social” in Social Media?

~ A heartwarming story, inspired by my childhood ~ Welcome to Joan Estates – a quaint and charming neighborhood where kick the can, manhunt, ultimate Frisbee (and occasional scraped knees) occupied the streets. Fun was always the norm in the ‘hood…and springtime couldn’t smell any sweeter… I refer to all of the kids as “theContinue reading “Where’s the “Social” in Social Media?”

Motives Cosmetics: A Must-Have for your Daily Routine

A staple of being a trendy young professional is finding a go-to makeup line…one that looks natural. Ring in the New Year with a crucial resolution: making your skin and a healthy, natural new look top priority. My newest obsession is Motives Cosmetics. From the hottest smoky eye shadows, to vibrant lips and luscious, voluminousContinue reading “Motives Cosmetics: A Must-Have for your Daily Routine”