Todd English’s Figs

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. It is clear that celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and talented restaurateur Todd English opened Figs to offer each and every guest an authentic, mouthwatering pizza pie experience.  English is also well known for one of his trendy restaurants, Olives, located in Las Vegas, NYC and Boston.  You may have even spotted hisContinue reading “Todd English’s Figs”

Superhero on Wheels: Neapolitan Express

Joonbug link: Superhero on Wheels: Neapolitan Express. Since February 2013, the Neapolitan express has been cruising down the streets of Manhattan,leaving behind a lustworthy trail of  mouthwatering aromas. Passion and love purely lie in each and every pizza pie, as each is beautifully crafted from dough to toppings, with deliciously fresh and organic ingredients. And whileContinue reading “Superhero on Wheels: Neapolitan Express”