Exercise Your Way into Spring with FlyBarre

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. What: Calling all fitness-fanatics and exercise lovers!  We have the perfect remedy to take your minds away from wintertime blues: FlyBarre.  Toss away thoughts of snow and take it to the studio, preparing for spring fever and beach season with an invigorating full-body workout! Flywheel Sports, “the indoorContinue reading “Exercise Your Way into Spring with FlyBarre”

It’s Springtime in Beantown!

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. Okay Bostonians, time to think spring.  The beloved season is now upon us, and it is up to each one of us to enjoy it to the max.  Make some exciting memories and spectacular plans as you embrace every opportunity with an open mind.  Springtime in BostonContinue reading “It’s Springtime in Beantown!”

Overalls…a savvy, fresh look for springtime fun!

Have no fear…overalls are here just in time for a fun, unique look for early spring!  Every so often, a new statement item makes its debut in our favorite shops.  Don’t fear them, embrace them.  It is important to switch up your look, keeping your style fresh, never feeling you have to follow what everyoneContinue reading “Overalls…a savvy, fresh look for springtime fun!”

SPRING FEVER…Is it Really a Time of Love?

 “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in his famous 1842 poem, “Locksley Hall”.  Is it really just this absolutely perfect time of year that puts us in good loving moods?  Or is there some uncovered secret to this Spring Fever phenomenon?  TruthContinue reading “SPRING FEVER…Is it Really a Time of Love?”