Mika Yoga Wear: The Chic to your Namaste

For my fellow yoginis out there, Mika Yoga Wear is a hot, sexy brand for women’s active wear…and I am completely hooked! Mika carries a variety of gorgeous pieces for hot yoga, yoga, pole fitness, swim and cross training. The “yoga & dance inspired” brand was designed to provide women with the comfort and durabilityContinue reading “Mika Yoga Wear: The Chic to your Namaste”

Sexy Beachwear for the Freshman Fifteen

Summer has sprung!  Get ready to pull out your luscious tanning oil and plush towels, because beach season is just around the corner.  It is that critical time to get into top-notch fashion shape for hitting the sizzling sun and sand, which includes my three favorite words…bathing suit shopping! This is fun news for some,Continue reading “Sexy Beachwear for the Freshman Fifteen”