Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the West Village

Joonbug link: Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the West Village. The Taco Shop brings Mexican authenticity and culinary tradition to New York’s charming West Village. Throw away all thoughts on ‘good’ Mexican food you have previously indulged in, because The Taco Shop will irrevocably blow your notions out of the water. With a delicious array of Mexican ingredientsContinue reading “Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the West Village”

The Taco Shop

I absolutely fell in love with the quaint and charming Taco Shop in the West Village tonight!  Their tacos are exquisitely delicious, and I had the awesome opportunity to sample each delectable one in the restaurant’s “Large Platter” featured on the menu. Thanks to The Taco Shop for having me for a mouthwatering dinner…and dessert!Continue reading “The Taco Shop”