FASHION FROM ABROAD: European Flair for Him

Click here to view my published article on This Fashionisto certainly knows how to work a fine city look. He looks super cool on the streets of Firenze standing confidently in front of his Honda scooter. This great fall guy’s outfit consists of a hunter green fleece pullover and comfy pair of jeans. ItContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: European Flair for Him”


Click here to view my published article on This Fashionista shows off her unique style in an effortlessly chic plaid ensemble. She is perfectly prepared for a crisp fall afternoon exploring Bologna. It is a smart outfit for pictures, and will forever leave her stylish footsteps in Bologna. Knotting the flannel shirt over herContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Plaid Perfection”

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

Welcome to Venezia, Italia!  What an absolutely amazing and unique city of canals, bridges and breathtaking architecture.  Gondoliers sing to you while navigating through Venezia, by the original homes of Giacomo Casanova (the actual lady’s man who the term “casanova” was named after) and Marco Polo…

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Bootylicious, Complemented with Crochet

Click here to view my published article on I spotted this week’s Fashionista looking ever so chic in front of Firenze’s amazing Duomo, and just had to photograph her trendy ensemble. Her total look is without doubt a definite showstopper. A tight pair of skinny jeans paired with a fitted black T-shirt and blackContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Bootylicious, Complemented with Crochet”

FOODIE GEMS: For Sweet Tooths

Please enjoy the latest copy of Blending, FUA’s monthly newsletter. I will be writing my own section, “Foodie Gems,” featuring the most delicious treats and unique, scrumptious finds in the city. Buona leggere! This month’s column features Foodie Gems: For Sweet Tooths… Click here to view the full October-November 2013 Blending Issue.


Click here to view my published link on Firenze is an amazing, breathtaking city — from antique architecture to delicious food and chic fashion.  Every week eager tourists crowd the cobblestone to gaze at the city’s charm and exquisite landmarks.  Restaurants are busy flipping pizza pies and topping off endless glasses of vino.  When itContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Island Getaway”

OKTOBERFEST – München, Deutschland

I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime party of all parties this weekend in southern Germany, at the 180th Bavarian Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich.  Impressively, it is estimated that six million enthusiastic beer fans will “worship the suds,” celebrating with the grandest steins known to mankind.  My stein could have comfortably accommodated my entire head inside ofContinue reading “OKTOBERFEST – München, Deutschland”

“Where you are is who you are. The further inside you the place moves, the more your identity is intertwined with it. Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something you crave.” ― Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

Crespelle Alla Fiorentina

For this week in my Italian Cooking class, I learned how to make Crespelle Alla Fiorentina, which means “Crepes Florentine Style.”  We prepared everything from scratch, starting with the bare ingredients and extremely hungry appetites. The crepe filling consisted of delicious sautéed spinach, ricotta, salt, pepper, nutmeg, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, garlic and olive oil.  The plainContinue reading “Crespelle Alla Fiorentina”

“La cucina di un paese è la sola esatta testimonianza della sua civiltà.” -Anonymous

“La cucina di un paese è la sola esatta testimonianza della sua civiltà.” -Anonymous …’The cuisine of a country is the only exact attestation of its civilization.’