There’s a New Fox in Town…FoxyLux, that is

One of my absolute favorite, chicest and trendiest new go-to places for that unique outfit is FoxyLux.  Every single piece they carry is fashion-statement-worthy. I am modeling below their Striped Sheer Top in bright orange, paired with a matching orange lace bandeau.  The sexy but classy sheerness falls just right.  It is such a perfectContinue reading “There’s a New Fox in Town…FoxyLux, that is”

BEARPAW = a Comfy & Fun Fashion Statement!

For those casual, relaxed summer outfits…think BEARPAW.  I absolutely love everything about my Jacinta sandals.  They add a feminine twist to my very laid-back ensemble.  The sleek style looks completely chic and is ever-so-comfy!  This summer footwear works perfectly with a casual look, and they are also spectacular paired with a bohemian-style maxi dress or short,Continue reading “BEARPAW = a Comfy & Fun Fashion Statement!”

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. When shopping for your weekend fashion staples for this spring, think bright and fresh. This Fashionisto looks effortlessly fine, sophisticated and handsome for an afternoon on Arthur Avenue with family and friends. A busy day ahead of him filled with critical “fresh pasta, delicious vino and ItalianContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear”

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. This Fashionista wears her letters with pride and confidence on Suffolk’s charming Temple Street. She is perfectly prepared for mostly any Greek life event, in this case, tabling for her sorority’s spring recruitment at the campus’s bustling “Winter Involvement Fair.” The periwinkle shirt could not beContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life”

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. With a sharp black peacoat over his striped button-down shirt, this Fashionisto is surely prepared to impress his lady on a casual date night. A button-down shirt is such a perfect, crisp look for a night out on the town, dressed down with dark-washed denim jeans andContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night”

Bracing yourself for winter…with style

After living abroad since August, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” truly presents a whole new meaning to me.  Leaving behind milder weather and more of a heavy fall wardrobe in Florence, a snowy winter wonderland welcomed me back to the states with a vengeance. It is critical to brace for the realContinue reading “Bracing yourself for winter…with style”


Click here to view my published article on This Fashionista is absolutely refreshing on a warm autumn day exploring the charming streets of Bologna. She knows how to rock her own unique style, and I am completely in love with her awesome look. Her light denim jacket with the sleeves cuffed up is aContinue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Divine Denim”

Cutouts with Class

Every girl needs a fun patterned romper in her wardrobe this season!  Find a design and style that is unique, effortlessly stylish and makes an awesome statement.  I purchased this romper on for a steal at $29.99.  It is perfect for an afternoon concert, party with friends or night out at a chic restaurant. Continue reading “Cutouts with Class”

Spice up those Sexy Shades

Every girl should mix it up and have fun when it comes to sexy shades.  A great pair of sunglasses is a critical accessory for any season, making you look effortlessly glamorous and classy.  Choose several pair in vibrant colors and unique shapes to have on hand, making every outfit totally pop. Give your expensiveContinue reading “Spice up those Sexy Shades”

Utterly Urban

When tanning oil-filled summer beach days transition into pumpkin picking and crisp apple pie season, you need a few staple outfits for this fashionable change.  Transition time is critical in the fashion world, and also an awesome opportunity to experiment with new styles and unique apparel. Many of us will still be sporting our bronzeContinue reading “Utterly Urban”