50 Shades of Valentines

Valentine’s Day: Saturday, February 14th marks a fun, stressful, sexy, hated AND beloved holiday depending on whose calendar you are viewing. It’s a day of many shades of emotions. Some of us plan a romantic outing with that special person; a bouquet of roses, candlelit dinner and perhaps champagne. Others pencil in strictly pampering, romanceContinue reading “50 Shades of Valentines”

It’s Wine O’clock

Never forget one important fact: “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream!” Mercer’s Wine Infused Ice Cream may possibly be the best, most delightful creation ever. Allow the sugary comfort of ice cream to coax you with its sweet seduction, while the wine goes to work with a buzz! Mercer’s Ice CreamContinue reading “It’s Wine O’clock”

Wine & Film Holiday Gift Guide

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. With the merry holiday season quickly approaching, have your gift lists covered with the ultimate dynamic duo.  What’s better than cozying on up next to the fireplace with your favorite vino and a movie?  Add in some chocolate-covered strawberries to accompany, and you are set forContinue reading “Wine & Film Holiday Gift Guide”

Make Every Venture a Black Box Occasion

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. For savory wine ventures, think Black Box.  Black Box Wines are absolutely perfect for holidays, parties, birthday bashes…and any outdoor plan!  This award-winning brand places a major emphasis on top-notch flavor, quality and enjoyment, which is represented through each luscious sip. Black Box’s 90-point 2009 Merlot was ranked sixth in WineContinue reading “Make Every Venture a Black Box Occasion”

Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season

Click here to view my published article on Joonbug. This season calls for something savory and luscious, and Joonbug has two prominent solutions for you: Santa Cristina and Tormaresca.  Complement each meal with a glass (or two) of vino, and your palate will certainly not be disappointed!  Start this season off right with two elite leaders in theContinue reading “Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Spaghetti Carrettiera

Click here to view this Italian staple recipe on the Santa Cristina site. This classic and extremely delectable pasta dish is a traditional preparation originating in eastern Sicily. It is a staple recipe that would be found in any true Italian household’s cookbook. Simplicity at its finest, Spaghetti Carrettiera is a quick dish that canContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Spaghetti Carrettiera”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Ossobuco (veal shank)

Click here to view this mouthwatering recipe on the Santa Cristina site. The delicious Ossobuco (veal shank) is a trademark dish in every traditional Italian kitchen and restaurant. Though the recipe itself varies throughout Italy, this particular delectable preparation is more associated with Northern Italian roots – Ossobuco alla Milanese (a quintessential recipe of MilaneseContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Ossobuco (veal shank)”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Braciola Rifatta (beef recooked)

Click here to view this scrumptious recipe/preparation on the Santa Cristina site. Braciola rifatta is an absolutely perfect traditional Italian dish to prepare for the family this time of year. It is a mouthwatering Tuscan specialty, which simply means “recooked” breaded veal. This classic meal is extremely popular throughout the Tuscan culture, and also aContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Braciola Rifatta (beef recooked)”

S. Cristina Cookbook: Tart with Figs and Chocolate

Click here to view the full recipe/preparation on the Santa Cristina site. Tart with Figs and Chocolate As we get further into Autumn, the culinary world is buzzing with newly prepared sweet treats fit for the season. The absolute perfect Fall cake brings together a unique combination of two delicacies – one to satisfy theContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Tart with Figs and Chocolate”

Santa Cristina Winery – Cortona, Italia

I am beyond excited to share my newest venture in Firenze with Santa Cristina Winery, located in Cortona, Italia.  I have been offered a position writing for the Santa Cristina Cookbook section of their website which features authentic and seasonal recipes particular to different regions of Italia, complemented with a fine bottle of Santa CristinaContinue reading “Santa Cristina Winery – Cortona, Italia”