S. Cristina Cookbook: Salted Codfish with Chickpea Sauce

Click here to view this delicious recipe on the Santa Cristina site. For over centuries Italian kitchen tables throughout the Tuscan region take on an entire new meaning each and every Friday… the customary “day of the fish.” This cod recipe is a traditional scrumptious and healthy Tuscan dish that is perfect for following theContinue reading “S. Cristina Cookbook: Salted Codfish with Chickpea Sauce”

Santa Cristina Winery – Cortona, Italia

I am beyond excited to share my newest venture in Firenze with Santa Cristina Winery, located in Cortona, Italia.  I have been offered a position writing for the Santa Cristina Cookbook section of their website which features authentic and seasonal recipes particular to different regions of Italia, complemented with a fine bottle of Santa CristinaContinue reading “Santa Cristina Winery – Cortona, Italia”

My Visit to Salcheto Winery

This weekend I ventured to Salcheto Winery for an amazing wine tasting, tour of the wine cellars and indulging in a delicious Italian countryside lunch.  Located in Montepulciano, Italia, the winery utilizes only the freshest grapes, “attempt[ing] to maintain a balance with nature through sustainable farming and winemaking practices.”  Salcheto occupies over one hundred and thirteen acresContinue reading “My Visit to Salcheto Winery”