WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. This Fashionisto looks completely confident rocking his utterly trendy style. Not only does his striped wool sweater perfectly accent his heather gray peacoat, he looks handsome and sophisticated for an afternoon out with friends. It is clear that he is well suited for the cold weatherContinue reading “WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends”

Hippie Chic

Dressing up is always fun…especially when you find a funky outfit like this Hippie Chic look.  I have always been big on dressing to suit your mood.  If it feels right, do it.  Be confident in your decision, and don’t feel as though you have to dress like the rest.  Obviously a formal event isContinue reading “Hippie Chic”


Click here to view my published article on CollegeFashionista. This Fashionista looks absolutely striking for a crisp afternoon shopping with friends. She personalized her unique schoolgirl style, rocking it confidently on the city sidewalks. The gold accented buttons on her peacoat look great with the long golden chain strap on her purse. A purple Dooney &Continue reading “FASHION FROM ABROAD: Schoolgirl Chic”

Bracing yourself for winter…with style

After living abroad since August, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” truly presents a whole new meaning to me.  Leaving behind milder weather and more of a heavy fall wardrobe in Florence, a snowy winter wonderland welcomed me back to the states with a vengeance. It is critical to brace for the realContinue reading “Bracing yourself for winter…with style”