Spice up those Sexy Shades

Every girl should mix it up and have fun when it comes to sexy shades.  A great pair of sunglasses is a critical accessory for any season, making you look effortlessly glamorous and classy.  Choose several pair in vibrant colors and unique shapes to have on hand, making every outfit totally pop.

Give your expensive shades a well-deserved break between wears.  Extra shades can switch up each season.  I found two new pair of chic shades at Francesca’s this weekend.  They are neutral colors and different shapes than my everyday Ray-ban Wayfarers.  Originally priced at $14 each, I got one pair on sale for an awesome steal of $9.00.  Francesca’s carries a stylish collection of shades, in addition to Urban Outfitters.  Spice up those sexy shades now!


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