Gluten-Free Vodka

Joonbug link: Gluten-Free Vodka.

The world’s hottest and newest commodity in the spirit world is strictly gluten-free, and her name is AnestasiA.  She looks elegantly sleek and sexy cloaked in her crystal décor, designed exclusively by the famous Karim Rashid.  The unique bottle certainly makes a statement against other spirits, screaming lavish perfection.  And the liquid inside is just as extraordinary.  Created by Yuliya Mamontova, a Ukrainian-born, American, AnestasiA was destined to stand out from the crowd since her notorious debut on August 1st.

Vodka distilling runs in Mamontova’s family: AnestasiA is the passion child and precious gem representing Mamontova’s love of the business.  AnestasiA’s origin is completely magestic, like her bottle design.  AnestasiA Vodka is produced in the United States at a facility where completely natural grains and pure water are used.  The process is extremely fascinating.  The grain is first mixed with yeast, and then distilled for five times. Then it is filtered through natural quartz crystal and volcanic rock for five times until a ‘190 proof distillate’ is obtained.  At that point, the vodka is mixed down with the ‘pure Bend water’ from the Cascade Mountains to get the coveted 80 proof, producing deliciously sweet, natural, gluten-free vodka.  Whala, drink up!

AnestasiA’s brilliance is already getting recognized for her unique design and packaging, including an award at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.  She is available nationwide in main markets and at a selection of liquor stores within NYC. Priced at $39 per 750ml bottle, she is one hot commodity.

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