Have Yourself a Paramount Moment

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With a sugary mountain of luscious bananas and drizzled caramel atop moist French toast, guests at The Paramount cannot help themselves when it comes to brunching it in the Bean.

Photo Cred: yelp.com
Photo Cred: yelp.com

The Paramount is busy cooking up its wonderful delights at two locations in the Boston area – one in the charming Beacon Hill neighborhood on Charles Street, and the other in South Boston on East Broadway.  Our go-to venue is the one on trendy Charles Street whenever we are craving a delicious treat of most any sort for weekend brunch.

This raved-over spot serves innovative breakfast, savvy city-goer brunch, lunch and even dinner on the weekends.  Although The Paramount offers scrumptious and creative meal options at all times of the day, from fluffy egg omelettes in the morning to jumbo tiger shrimp and turkey sausage jambalaya at night, breakfast/brunch is what draws eager foodies in.

Photo Cred: tripadvisor.com
Photo Cred: tripadvisor.com

You need not even a specific address for this restaurant, as you will spot the significantly long line of eager patrons out the door every morning of the weekend.  This hotspot is a favorite for Suffolk and Emerson students, and a must visit on the ever-so trendy and popular Charles Street.

The food at The Paramount is served one way and one way only – cafeteria style.  Although the interior is quaint and tiny, the food is definitely well worth the wait.  While you wait in line to get up to the counter, you can observe the delicious goodies people have ordered, in addition to watching the chefs put their magic to work.

Photo by Alexa
Photo by Alexa

Some Joonbug breakfast favorites include the lavish Banana & Caramel French Toast – which is also a popular dish among many other guests, Hot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries and Walnuts or with fresh berries and drizzled honey, in addition to the Feta Cheese, Spinach & Tomato Omelette.  We passionately recommend going to The Paramount for breakfast or brunch on a first-time basis.  You and your palates will surely be pleased, and you will forever be a fan!

If you are more of a lunch person, The Paramount serves a delicious variety of options.  Two Joonbug favorites are the Homemade Salmon Burger, freshly prepared with sesame oriental dressing, and the Barbeque Pulled Pork Tacos, served with black beans, cotija cheese, Spanish salsa and a savory cilantro-lime crema.

The Paramount is located at 44 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, in addition to 667 E Broadway, Boston, MA 02127.

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