Phantom Gourmet’s Hot Purchase: The Mendon Twin Drive-In

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Phantom Gourmet’s notorious Andelman Brothers, Dan, Dave and Mike, recently made a hot purchase outside of Beantown: the state’s all-time favorite “drive-in movie theatre,” Mendon Twin Drive-In. This celebratory announcement has gotten many excited urbanites gossiping…it’s all the talk in town. Opening up to the public on Friday, April 11th, this will most certainly be a popular and lively debut welcoming Boston into the spring season!

For 60 prosperous years come this summer, the Mendon Twin Drive-In has been a staple location, providing awesome entertainment for all ages to enjoy. During their childhood years, the Andelman brothers were loyal and frequent customers of the beloved drive-in theatre. It is a shame that the drive-in theatre business has extremely declined in the U.S., and finding a gem like this is rare these days.

Mendon Twin Drive-In is the definition of community, bringing city-dwellers and suburban residents together through fun cuisine and a trip through the decades. The town of Mendon is conveniently situated as a short getaway from the city. And by “city,” we mean a short 25 minutes outside of Providence, and 45 minutes away from the Bean (and a half hour from Worcester).

The drive-in showcases two big screens that cast a “double-feature” of the most awesome Hollywood “first-run” films, for a steal price of $25 per vehicle. Paralleling Phantom Gourmet’s “Food and Fun. That’s all we serve” motto, the Mendon Twin Drive-In’s ‘50s styled snack bar is completely out of this world. Serving up tasty delights from hot New England clam chowder, taco dogs, fried pickles and much more, there is a great selection of snacks to accompany your movie. Take it back in time and savor a raspberry lime rickey, creamy malt or root beer float. How about trying a razzle (which is “blended ice cream mixin’s” with cookies, fruit and candy)? If the movie brings on a little zest and spice, the snack bar has got you covered with its signature homemade Mexican cuisine menu.

For the past 27 years, this cherished theatre has been owned and run by Kathy Gorman and Sue Swanson. According to Swanson, “We’ve had an amazing run with the Mendon Twin Drive-In and it’s time we pass the torch onto new owners who will love it as much as we have and always will.” To secure a successful transition, the Andelman brothers plan to work intently with Gorman and Swanson throughout the theatre’s 2014 season. The Andelman brothers hope to continue the drive-in’s amazing heritage and unique tradition, touching the hearts of future generations. Vice President of Business Development for Phantom Gourmet, Inc., Mike Andelman, states, “With there being so few drive-ins left in our country, we thought it would be an incredible opportunity to continue and to grow this landmark destination that means so much to so many people.”

The Mendon Twin Drive-In will be showing movies each night from Memorial Day, all the way through Labor Day, in addition to on the weekends amidst the months of April, May, September and October. The drive-in’s box office and snack bar will open up at 6pm, and double-feature movies commence at sundown. For more information, click here, and check out Mendon Twin Drive-In on Facebook.

The Mendon Twin Drive-In is located at 35 Milford St, Mendon, MA 01756

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