Cycle into Summer with B/SPOKE

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Ringing in the heat of summer in the city, ‘indoor cycling and lifestyle studio,’ B/SPOKE, is opening its doors to eager city-dwellers and fitness enthusiasts on July 9th.  Located in the heart and soul of Boston’s Financial District, this new cycling studio is the perfect place for urbanites to enjoy a rejuvenating workout and meet new people.  It’s time to ride down the pathway of physical and mental success…so get ready to cycle, Beantown!

B/SPOKE’s full-body workout is designed to challenge the body while implementing spiritual, social and mental stimulation.  The studio makes it their mission to gratify each and every rider’s body, mind and spirit through a passionate lifestyle-focused mentality.  Owners of B/SPOKE, Ryan Olsen and Mark Partin, have always commended Beantown’s deep love and devotion for fitness.  Partin states that it was his and Olsen’s goal to “bring an all-encompassing active lifestyle brand to the area that uses fitness as a catalyst to jumpstart positive change in our clients.”  According to Olsen, B/SPOKE will be a revitalizing haven where people can unite over the same interest: to nourish their minds and energize their spirits.

Before class begins, get to the studio early for a complimentary ‘individual bike fitting session.’  B/SPOKE offers these sessions to riders before classes to guarantee an individualized exercising experience that yields results.  B/SPOKE’s classes cater to and welcome riders from all levels, ranging from 45, 60 to 75-minutes.  Riders have the privilege of gauging their own level of difficulty on the resistance knob when riding one of the studio’s 35 Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes.  B/SPOKE schedules six classes for each weekday and four classes throughout the weekend to cater to every busy urbanite’s schedule (making exercise convenient)! To view the weekly class schedule, click here.

Jarrett McGovern
Jarrett McGovern

The gorgeous studio was thoroughly designed by Partin and Studio Troika to provide every rider with an unsurpassed cycling experience, incorporating a combination of traditional and stadium bike seating.  The top-notch sound system comprises of 25 speakers placed over three of the studio’s zones.  Awesome playlists filled with the very best electronic dance music, underground and hip-hop genres will be bumping while people cycle to the beat.  Every ride includes complimentary (and refreshing) bottled water, plush towels, a heart rate monitor and indoor cycling shoes.  Relax, cool down and enjoy a revitalizing shower after your workout.  The changing and showering facilities are garnished with complimentary Aesop products, in addition to hair straighteners, blow-dryers, hair elastics and foam ear plugs.  B/SPOKE offers customers the best of both worlds with top-notch amenities and an elite studio design on the same level of a larger corporate studio, and the intimate, personal feel that a smaller studio provides.

This summer, get your cycling mojo on with B/SPOKE!  B/SPOKE will be open Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 8:00pm; Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am through 11:30am.  Check them out on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for the hottest cycling updates.

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