Kora Rae: Sleek, Fierce and Confident as a Tiger

Every gal needs to have a “go-to” place for each and every category she shops for. That divine favorite brand that you can always count on to find any unique, perfect outfit or look that you need. Elite contemporary women’s line, Kora Rae, is one of my trendy new favorites. Founder and talented designer Rachel Turzer launched this chic line in 2013, evoking a revitalizing elegance in the fashion industry.

Not only am I hooked on each and every unique garment in Turzer’s line; I admire Kora Rae’s symbolic tiger. The brand draws roots from Branson, Missouri’s National Tiger Sanctuary (where a portion of the proceeds are granted), in addition to “Kora,” a tiger cub who was recently rescued, adopted and sponsored by Turzer.

I am modeling Kora Rae’s sleek Moorea Dress in black. This number is super trendy, elegant, sophisticated and sexy all in one. I styled it with textured pumps and a matching clutch. It can also be worked with strappy sandals, black tights and bold statement jewelry. The Moorea Dress is a spectacular choice for a black-tie occasion, or to strut your stuff in for a special plan.

Chicness and confidence; reflect the strength and eloquence of a tiger. Shop Kora Rae today for gorgeous, top-notch styles.

“The woman wearing Kora Rae embodies the psyche of the tiger: she’s fearless, powerful, beautiful and independent in every aspect of her life, including what she wears.”

Dress your best,


Moorea Dress: Compliments of Kora Rae

IMG_7795IMG_7827IMG_7828 2IMG_7804

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